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Tracks around Poperinge


Cycle node network

The Westhoek cycle node network offers almost 1,000 km of cycling pleasure in one of Flanders’s most beautiful touristic regions.

The network map gives the word ‘biking a la carte’ an entirely new meaning.

The different maps and routes are available at the bike rental !



The Hoppelandroute (43 km) cycle route lies north-west of Poperinge, very close to the French border.

The name of the route refers to the hops, Starting from the ‘Town of Hops’, the route will take you to charming places and places of interest along the road include the town centre of Poperinge , Hops museum and Talbot House, the St. Sixtus abbey.


41 km

This cycle route (41 km) explores the frontier landscape north-west of Poperinge, between Watou and Beveren, on both sides of the French-Belgian border, called de ‘Schreve’.

The main theme of this route is smuggling. For 200 years, smugglers were very common in this region. You can still find various references to these smuggling activities, such as the small Customs House in Oost-Cappel and the statue of Karel de Blauwer in Haringe. Starting from the artists’ village of Watou (at 6km), the trail leads you across the border, to the French village of Houtkerke.



This border-crossing route (46km) explores some unique scenery on both sides of the ‘Schreve’, the French-Belgian border.

This cycling pass on the Market Square to the Heuvelland, then you cycle through hilly scenery on quiet roads in the direction of the Rode Berg.

On top of this ‘mountain’ you will be rewarded for the climb with spectacular views over the French and Flemish uplands.



The Fleternaroute (46 km) explores the Hoppeland region between Poperinge and Vleteren. The valley of the Vleterbeek is a highlight of this trip.

After all, the trail is named after the Celtic-Germanic toponym ‘Fleterna’, the name of this stream valley. Places of interest on this trip include the town centre of Poperinge and the St. Sixtus Abbey!

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